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How to use the CC

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How to use the CC Empty How to use the CC

Post by Baller4life2468 on Sun Jul 08, 2007 10:00 pm

The CC is complicated to the new comer admins. But once you get used to it it is an easy piece of equipment.

How to use the CC Untitled-2

List of things:
1. Press this button to disconnect from the CC.
2. (NEW ADMINS DO NOT PRESS) To restart/start the server.
3. (NEW ADMINS DO NOT PRESS) To stop the server.
4. Pauses the server
5. Restart the map round
6. Turn Auto-Balance on or off
7. Type messages to the game (Displayed as [Admin: Baller]Test)
8. The Chat list. Any auto-messages (accessible through Auto-Admin) and chat from the game (All/Team/Squad)
9. Shows the players. you can access Warns/Kick/Ban through here by right clicking on a player.

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