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Being an admin

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Being an admin Empty Being an admin

Post by Baller4life2468 on Thu Jul 05, 2007 6:58 pm

How to "be" an "admin":

BF2CC Daemon In-Game Administration

The BF2CC Daemon uses a system of in-game chat filtering to look for commands sent by registered Players (admins). If the daemon sees a command sent by a registered Player (admin) it will execute the specified command. The normal permission system still applies, so only admins (players) with the appropriate permissions will be able to perform the appropriate functions.

Quick Setup Guide:

1. Log in to Bf2CC in daemon mode using a top level Administrator account. Note: Only top level Administrator accounts will have the menu choice to register admins for In-Game administration.
2. Make sure you have an admin account created in BF2CC for the player you wish to register for In-Game administration.
3. Have the player join the BF2 server.
4. In the BF2CC player list, right-click on the player and choose Register Hash for In-Game Admin.
5. Select the admin account you want to register this player (hash) to.
6. Save the changes to the admin accounts by clicking OK.


All commands begin with an exclamation point. !
Users do NOT need to be logged in to the Daemon (with the BF2CC client) once their hash is registered to their admin account.

NOTE: You type commands into the actual in-game chat (like you are sending a chat message to the server), NOT the console that you can pull down with the tilde key.


You can edit the warn/kick/ban shortcuts and the reason they represent using the client. The shortcuts and reasons are in the Options Form, under In-Game Admin. Only users with top level "Administrator" user accounts can edit these reasons and shortcuts.

To start off if you don't remember the commands you can use !help which Displays All w/k/b reasons and aliases

To warn you will use !w or !warn. To use it you enter !w <Player name or partial> <reason or shortcut>. That warns the player for a specific reason.

To kick you use !k or !kick. To use that you enter !k <Name or partial of name> <reason or shortcut>. That will kick the player with the specified reason. There can be shortcuts that are entered through the CC(such as !k baller spawn=KICKING!!! |AOTE| Baller4life2468 For entering spawn or spawn camping).

To ban a player(newer admins dont worry about this) you will use !b or !ban. To use this you enter !b <Name or partial name> <Reason ot shortcut> <optional time>. This will ban a player with the specified reason. The optional Ban time is showed down below.

To check the Auto-Balance status you enter !ab.
To change the status to on you enter !ab on or !ab 1. to turn it off you use !ab off or !ab 0.

To change the map(you wont ever need to use this) you use !change <Map name or partial name>.

To set the next map you use !setnext <Map Name or partial>

To run the next map you use !runnext.
To show you the next map in rotation you use !shownext
To Restart the current map round (ALL ADMINS! DO NOT EVER USE THIS. Cobra, Baller, and Wiseman are the only people with permission to do this!) you use !restart.


Warn/Kick/Ban Examples: (The quotes only surround the command for this example, do NOT use quotes when sending your commands)

"!w did tk" - This example would warn the player named "did" or a player with "did" in their name, like "ParaDiddle". In this case, we are using the default shortcut for the Teamkilling reason. This would output to the server like "WARNING!!! ParaDiddle for Team Killing!"

"!k .35 tk" - This example would kick player with ID 35. Notice that when specifying an ID, you must precede the ID with a period. This way, BF2CC won't look for a player with the numbers "35" in their name. To see player ID's in game, you must bring up the score screen and then select the manage tab.(DONT WORRY ABOUT THIS NEW ADMINS)

"!w did Stop Being a NOOB!" This example would warn the same player from the example above, but this time we have specified our own custom reason. This would output to the server like "WARNING ParaDiddle!!! Stop Being a NOOB!"

"!k *[ClanABC]* padding" In this example, we are using wildcards, specified by asterisks, to kick multiple players. In this case we are kicking ANY player with the clan tag "[ClanABC]". We are kicking them by using the default Stats Padding shortcut. BF2CC won't spam the server with a reason for everyone. BF2CC will show the reason only for 1 player, but ALL players will see the reason in a dialogue box once they are kicked from the server (assuming PB is enabled).

"!b did tk" This example will permanently ban the player for teamkilling.

"!b did tk day" This example will ban the player for 1 day for teamkilling.

"!b did tk 5000" This example will ban the player for 5000 minutes for teamkilling.

Ban Times can be specified as follows:

* Round
* Day
* Week
* #### (Any Number, specifying the minutes to ban the player for)

A note about using asterisks. Using an asterisk will tell BF2CC to look for ALL matches and kick ANY players (meaning more than 1) who's name matches the search string. For example, "!k [ClanABC]* tk", will kick ALL players whose names begin with the clan tag "[ClanABC]" for teamkilling. If you do NOT use an asterisk and your search string returns more than 1 player, no players will be warned/kicked/banned. You will see an error and it will ask you to be more specific.

Map Command Examples:

"!change kub" This will change the map to "Kubra Dam"
"!change 2" This will change to the 2nd map in rotation.

Now everyone has heard me or Cobra or the other admins talk about BF2CC. To download BF2CC go here. Once you have downloaded it PM me(Baller) to get the information for logging in. Newer admins(Jt, Killer...) you only have guest admin so you don't need the CC.


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